Washing machines, fridges, computers, plug in power supplies, low energy lighting, dimmer switches, heating pumps, thermostats, solar power installations, the list of culprits directly injecting rubbish into our mains supply is endless. Effectively anything connected to the mains in your house and all of your neighbours houses contributes to the problem. And that is before you consider more distant heavy industrial machinery, and it doesn’t stop there….. In the air there’s mobile phone, radio and TV transmissions, WiFi, Bluetooth, emergency services transmissions (the list is never ending) all totally saturating the atmosphere. Your household wiring and equipment cables acting as antennas, absorb and pile these very significant disturbances on top of the considerable interference already in them.

The flood of fizz, hash, spikes, snap crackle and pop delivering itself into your sensitive dacs, preamps, amplifiers and video displays swamp and confuse everything they are trying to do…… and it gets worse! The DC voltages, normally present in your mains supply, smother and suffocate the transformers in your equipment. Transformers need to “breath” freely and fully, in and out, following the AC mains frequency. The presence of DC leaves them noisily gasping for breath and unable to deliver their full power and punch.

When this occurs, the clarity, dynamics and emotion of the performance that you are trying to recreate is smothered under a barrage of interference pollution and waveform distortion. Your audio and visual equipment groans, buzzes and rattles, …. sound is constricted, muddled, harsh, two dimensional and unrealistic.

With the ‘Puritan Treatment’ dynamics and definition take an almost unbelievable stride forward, individual instruments gain air between them, their sound and timbre become convincing of the real thing, the sound-stage moves out of your speakers and into the room with gains in three dimensionality and with clarity definition and space between the instruments for them to inter-relate rather than muddle each other. Your listening will become a far more engaging and pleasurable experience.

Problems with mains and airborne disturbances also greatly compromise visual display performance causing definition to be dulled and the dynamics squashed. With the ‘Puritan Treatment’ the visual experience elevates to a higher level of noise free richness, blacker blacks, greater clarity, increased vibrancy and realism.

Master Series

The PSM136 is our ultimate purifier and incorporates every technology in our arsenal to provide you with the ultimate upgrade to your audio system. With 39 independent , tuned filter elements and a host of other features the PSM136 is the pinnacle of Purifier performance.

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Strip Purifiers

In a more compact form than our Master Series the PS Series of Strip Purifiers incorporate many of the advanced features of their big brothers in a more convenient package and provide much of the stunning performance gains to your system.

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Proprietary Dissipative Mains Cables

Mains cables are antenna which gather interference and transport it either directly to your system electronics or, in the case of shielded cables, into your signal ground plane. Puritan Proprietary Dissipative Mains Cables  unique design eliminates these problems.

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Your household mains should carry only the smooth 50 or 60Hz sinewave with no added interference, glitches, fizz or pops. Plugging Guardian units into sockets around your home suppresses unwelcome frequencies and spikes, producing a lower noise floor and a healthier atmosphere.

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Choose the Puritan Treatment:

  • Liberate your sound stage into the room with greater breadth, depth and 3D realism
  • Regain the timing and emotion of the music with clear air between individual instruments
  • Release your system’s full dynamic range, it will punch harder and yet reveal more with quiet subtleties and tonal nuances unveiled
  • Clarity and definition improve with the sound and timbre of instruments becoming tangible and real
  • Listening becomes far more engaging and addictive

Customer Testimonials

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PSM 156: Wow! What a difference; the detail and clarity, the soundstage, bass, mid-range and treble frequencies more defined, more dynamic yet gentle, controlled, harmonious, beautiful, engaging and very, very musical.
G.M., London
Mains Cable: [The cable is] very fast and very dynamic, both very positive features in my book!
D.F., Shooters Hill
Having had some time now to do a bit of serious listening, the improvements brought by the conditioner are clear. The most obvious & immediate improvement is in the sound staging & the bass. The sound is more detached from the speakers, wider & deeper front to back … Overall the conditioner has lifted every area of replay, some in more dramatic ways than others but this is an across the board improvement with no negatives at all.
T.D., Crawley