The Puritan Sound

Puritan Power conditioners have gained a worldwide reputation for the way in which they elevate your entire listening experience. They remove electrical interference, whilst preserving (and often enhancing!) dynamics – expanding the sound stage and making your listening experience greatly more enjoyable.

Entry Level

The entry level into the Puritan Sound still encompasses the ethos and design elements and expertise that make Puritan products so uniquely special. Our Power Bricks are embodied in a stainless steel magnetically shielding body, they have 4 x 15 Amps outputs, 20 discrete filter elements that progressively but comprehensively protect against both common and differential mode interference, add cleansed star earthing, DC offset correction (-DC Model), massive three dimensional non-sacrificial surge protection and we present a fabulous introduction to The Puritan Sound for the budget conscious audiophile.

Intermediate Level

Stepping up a grade Puritan Power Strips incorporate the circuit elements of the Power Brick into an extremely solid heavy steel magnetically shielding casing with a substantial aluminium top face. 6 x 15Amp outlets, 23 discrete filter elements and enhanced differential mode treatments. DC offset correction optional.

Master Level

Entry into our elite Studio Master range starts with the PSM136. 39 filtration elements progressively coax noise out from the power cycle. DC offset correction is standard and each of the 6 x 15 Amp outputs incorporates its own dedicated filter section guaranteeing not only pristine power but avoiding connected components cross-contaminating each other.

Ultimate Level

When only the very best will do. The crowning achievement of all of our research: the PSM156 Studio Master. 58 filter elements incrementally remove harmful noise from the mains supply but leaving the full force and power intact. The filter sections individual to each 15 Amp output station seen on the PSM136 are doubled in efficiency further improving the sound from each connected component and providing twice the prevention of cross contamination. Also available in a 12 outlet version PSM1512.

Essential Extras

Sub standard power cords can ruin all you strive to achieve with clean power delivery. Our uniquely developed materials technologies and advanced design techniques enable Puritan Power Cords to exceed all expectations. Even our “basic” Classic types outperform cords costing many thousands and Classic cords are so reasonably priced that connecting all equipment to your Puritan Conditioner through them is an economical prospect. Further, upgrading to “Classic-Plus” or “Ultimate” cables will provide even greater listening revelations.

*Power Strips and Studio Master conditioners come complete with a 2M “Classic” connecting cord which may be upgraded at time of purchase.