PSM1512 Studio Master Mains Purifier

Impressed by the PSM156’s worldwide rave reviews but need more outputs?

The PSM1512 takes the much lauded  PSM156 and doubles the number of individually refiltered output stages, preserving exactly all that makes the PSM156 so great while enabling twice the number of components to be connected.

The precision symmetrically balanced circuitry and 94 independently tuned filter elements enables your system to deliver even greater delicacy and detail whilst enhancing dynamics and punch.

The PSM1512 will lift your system into a new dimension. Definition takes an enormous stride forward; individual instruments gain air between them with their sound and timbre becoming believable. The sound-stage will move out of your speakers and into the room with gains in three dimensionality with clarity, definition and space between the instruments for them to interrelate rather than muddle each other. Your listening will become a far more engaging and pleasurable experience.

  • Rebalances the AC sine wave removing DC component, preventing transformer buzz and allowing them to breath properly at full efficiency.
  • Twelve 15 Amp Outlets each with independent refilter stages for both common and differential mode disturbances avoiding cross contamination between connected equipment.
  • 94 cumulative stages of purification removes common and differential mode interference, enhancing clarity, staging and dynamics.
  • Equal resistance routing to all outputs realises full dynamic performance.
  • Integral earth management system inbuilt with cleansed ground and star earthing format further lowers the noise floor and further enhances clarity and dynamics.
  • Internal wiring silver plated OFC copper PTFE insulated.
  • Massive 9,000 amps of non-sacrificial three dimensional surge protection
  • Rated Voltage 110-250v AC 50/60Hz
  • IEC Type C20 Input
  • Electrically and magnetically shielded casing.
  • Dimensions W430, D230, H190.
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 5 Years Guarantee