Our aim throughout is to produce the ultimate mains purifier solutions and to present these to the consumer with a level of meticulous build quality that means that an investment in a Puritan product is an investment that will be enjoyed for decades to come.

Look inside any of our products and you will see they are crammed with engineering.

We use multiple filter elements, 39 in the PSM136, each carefully and precisely tuned to inter-relate with each other to produce an increasing, cumulative cleansing effect with the lowest impedance high current paths to preserve maximum surge demand and dynamic agility.

By maintaining the power of equal resistance paths to each outlet and with every single type of mains degradation mode comprehensively dealt with, right down to the provision of a precision cleansed, star reference grounding structure, all Puritan design aspects come together to enable your system to perform to its absolute peak ability.

Mains purifiers require a means of connecting from the wall to the purifier and from the purifier to your equipment. To preserve the ultimate quality of mains supply we have developed our unique ‘Proprietary Dissipative Technology Mains Cables’. These employ a very substantial 25 amp rating, extremely high purity plated copper conductors enclosed in a superior dielectric silicone insulation which in turn is encased with a mechanically damping silicone sheath to provide a vibrationally “dead” super silent conduit. We then massively enhance this already terrific cable with a very special technology:

With normal (unshielded) mains cables, airborne interferences enter the conductors directly, polluting your equipment power paths, disrupting signal processing and delivery. With ordinary shielded cables airborne interferences are gathered and dumped into your system’s earth and through this route disrupt your processing and signal paths – a lose – lose situation! We solved this dilemma by developing our unique Proprietary Dissipative Technology shielding system. With our unique dissipative shielding the interferences bombarding the cables are absorbed into the dissipative shield, burned up and dissipated as heat – avoiding interference either reaching the conductors or polluting the system earth.

A thoroughly thought through and researched, highly advanced mains cable solution.

Other Puritan products to improve audio and visual experience by the elimination of mains disturbance problems include plug in silencers to place in sockets around the house to prevent re-radiation of disturbances, quietening the overall EMI/RFI smog and high specification speaker cables protected with our dissipative technology to prevent radiated disturbances attacking signal integrity at the last stage.

Master Series

The PSM136 is our ultimate purifier and incorporates every technology in our arsenal to provide you with the ultimate upgrade to your audio system. With 39 independent , tuned filter elements and a host of other features the PSM136 is the pinnacle of Purifier performance.

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Strip Purifiers

In a more compact form than our Master Series the PS Series of Strip Purifiers incorporate many of the advanced features of their big brothers in a more convenient package and provide much of the stunning performance gains to your system.

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Proprietary Dissipative Mains Cables

Mains cables are antenna which gather interference and transport it either directly to your system electronics or, in the case of shielded cables, into your signal ground plane. Puritan Proprietary Dissipative Mains Cables unique design eliminates these problems.

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Your household mains should carry only the smooth 50 or 60Hz sinewave with no added interference, glitches, fizz or pops. Plugging Guardian units into sockets around your home suppresses unwelcome frequencies and spikes, producing a lower noise floor and a healthier atmosphere.

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Choose the Puritan Treatment:

  • Liberate your sound stage into the room with greater breadth, depth and 3D realism
  • Regain the timing and emotion of the music with clear air between individual instruments
  • Release your system’s full dynamic range, it will punch harder and yet reveal more with quiet subtleties and tonal nuances unveiled
  • Clarity and definition improve with the sound and timbre of instruments becoming tangible and real
  • Listening becomes far more engaging and addictive

Customer Testimonials

PSM136: I received my new toy and it is all up and running. I really do like the build quality. Have you had any Hi Fi Magazine take a look at your Multiple Mains Purifier and given a review, as I think it is bloody marvellous.
A.E., London
PSM136: A very fine unit – Works as described
W.M., Dorset
It was as if I had been looking through dirty windows and suddenly had them cleaned.
It just works; improving sound quality no end with the bass extension increased by quite a lot.
It has moved the audio quality from my (All Naim) system to somewhere I am now really happy with.
D.C., Reading