Come and see us in Room 10, Sandringham Suites @ The HiFi Show 2016 – 29th and 30th October – Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor.

We have some VERY special show offers.

Sandringham 10 – Puritan Audio Labs

If the weak link in many an enthusiast’s system is so often the quality of the incoming AC mains then Puritan Audio Laboratories will tempt you with a series of cost-effective solutions. Visitors have a treat in store as Puritan Audio Laboratories unveils its proprietary range of mains-purifying conditioners and dissipative ‘Interference Eating’ 13A power cables.

The company’s PSM136 Purifier features six independently conditioned 8 Amp outlets with optimised power routing, cleansed star earthing and DC filtering to enhance clarity, detail and definition and expand dynamics. A trip to the first floor will seriously elevate your system.

Find us at Sandringham Suites (Room 10):

The HiFi Show 2016 - 29th and 30th October